Longevity practices

Once upon a time... there was a quest for longevity.

Longevity practices of modern times are not a new thing to humanity. This has been an obsession of each civilization and many have sacrificed themselves in search for ways to prolong life. Time has been a very precious commodity for millennia.

The search for the “Elixir of Life” or “The Philosopher Stone” has been the passion and the driving force for many Alchemists, Doctors, Scientists, Botanists, Mystics, Wizards and Masters. Other historical records talk about some successful results but many of them are just myths or stories. Nevertheless, some managed to extend their life span for many, many years. The problem, as the solution, is not a simple one.

The Bible and other ancient writings speak about “mathusalemic” people that lived for hundreds or thousands of years. Chinese manuscripts mention “The Immortals” that lived likewise – hundreds or thousands of years. Other historical sources also explain about special people that had the ability to extend their life, due to some disciplined and elaborate esoteric and alchemical practices. But it is not all that esoteric.

The truth is out there, but it is also encoded in our DNA. Yet, we need to mention that the latest DNA studies and researches have proven that modern human has lost many DNA strings, compared to ancient man. They did possess more strings. Why the loss? I believe it is an adaptive characteristic for survival in modern times. The DNA code is known to evolve or to eliminate some of the active strings due to adaptation to the environment. A new science called Epigenetics explains this exact thing along with other important aspects related to longevity, energy, sustainability and health. It is a long story and I am here to share some of the things I learned in my journey.

There is one common aspect that I have identified while studying longevity practices. I prefer to use the term “longevity” or “rejuvenating techniques” instead of “Anti-ageing” because I do not agree with anything that is “Anti”. Life is about balance, not something to “fight against”.

What are longevity practices?

As someone said once: “The trick is to die young, as late as possible”

To get there, one must go a long way of understanding how the human mind and body work, and how all these mechanisms integrate with spirit and energy. We are just starting to understand the quanta level of matter, where the key to “immortality” is to be found. There are no magic pills and magic “elixirs”, although many mentioned the existence of such things. And even if such pills were discovered, they would probably not be available to open public, due to the implications and consequences involved in this. Human race have much to learn prior to have access to such formulae.

Discipline is one of the first requirements for longevity practices. Take into consideration that you want to live for hundreds of years, therefore there is no rush. You need to learn to discipline your body, your emotions and your mind, if you want to master time.

Mind-set has to be changed. Without it, there is no “longevity”. Finding equilibrium is one of the most important practices. Extremes are always dangerous and equally harmful to body.

Overall longevity practices are divided between bodies. There are:

  1. Physical longevity practices
  2. Energetically longevity practices
  3. Emotional longevity practices
  4. Mental longevity practices and the list goes on

Let me tell you a little about my story and how I decided that I want to live long.

My story 

I started studying about longevity when I was very young, around the age of 14 years old. As I was reading some old Chinese materials on internal alchemy I understood one of the first key to immortality – prevention. They were making fun of western civilization saying that “They start to dig their water well when they get thirsty“. I was so shocked by the truth of that metaphor, that everything changed from that day on.

That was the beginning of a long journey in search of Longevity Secrets. I become vegetarian and started to study nutrition and human body. I even changed my high school major for biology and chemistry.  After many years and disciplined practices I met my Benefactor, or to be honest, he found me. It was not long to the point I realized that he holds the answer to my quest. I said that I want to live long, very long, and asked him to teach me. He smiled and asked me back: “Why do you want to be immortal?” (Important explication for the term “immortal”: immortal in the shamanic traditions means that you still die, we all die, but life can be extended beyond normal human comprehension).

I kept giving him stupid answers for almost 18 months. Each time he said: “This is not the wright answer, keep searching!” One day I understood why I needed this and when I gave him the answer, he said simply: “Ok, I will teach you!”. After more than 20 years, I am still learning from him. Each lesson is so complex and takes time to be put in practice, but hey, you get extra time doing it!

He was not the only teacher I had these years for Longevity Practices, but he remains my Benefactor. He changed my life completely and I will be as grateful to him, as I was stubborn and stupid. After 20 years he still has patience for my mistakes, because patience is another key to Longevity practices.

He is not the only one like this, but if you work hard and you have a strong intent, you will be able to find someone willing to share this knowledge with you.

My passion and search for Longevity brought me to the conclusion that bits and pieces of information are scattered in the world and not so many have the desire and reasons to give that to you, but you can start with small steps and find your way.

Firstly, you need to find a good reason for this. Dedicating your life and energy to such a goal, is not an easy task. I met many people that came to me for Longevity practices (or Anti-ageing as we usually say). Each learned as much as he/she was capable of for the time being. Learning something will not give you results unless you practice and acknowledge the lessons.

There is much to be done in the first steps, which can promote your health and youth for many years. With the right mind-set and resources, you can maintain your body throughout the years with minimal cellular damage. It is a science after all, a very old one.

Remember, balance is everything. I had to learn that lesson in the hard way.

The science of longevity

|The human body is an amazing and complex vehicle. We use it to experience life on this planet. It is suitable for this environment and for this planet only, as far as I know. You need to take care of your vehicle, to respect it and to maintain its functionality to the best of your knowledge. It sounds easy but is not if you want to live for hundreds of years.

The functions inside are so complex that goes beyond human understanding at this level of evolution. It is beyond us. It takes years and years of practice and understanding only for basic needs.

In Longevity practices you need to cover basic needs:

  1. Air – breathing
  2. Sleep
  3. Water
  4. Nutrition
  5. Physical practices and exercises
  6. Sexuality and reproduction
  7. Meditation

All these are basic needs and having them covered brings you energy. You need to learn all you can about these things and integrate them into your life to the best extent of your power and intent.

All is encoded into your DNA, but it takes a lot of time and resources to figure out how it is working for you. There are general Longevity practices but advance levels can be obtained only with special tuition. Keys are not to be given unless you are ready for them. In order to understand Longevity practices, one must understand basic nutrition, chemistry, physics, human and cellular biology. Quantum physics and energy knowledge are required for advance practices.

In my system there are 9 Modules for Longevity Practices

3 Longevity Practices Modules for Beginners

3 Intermediate Modules for Longevity Practices

3 Advance Modules for Longevity Practices

One must go through them step by step. I tried to skip steps myself but it is not working on the long term. Patience, discipline and determination are needed to integrate physical, energetic and esoteric aspects of each module.

Private tuition is available upon request. There are requirements to fulfil prior to tuition. An initial meeting and interview is required for attending any of the Modules.

You will find more on the subject at hand on my blog and the portal: www.thespirithub.ro section Anti-ageing

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