Hydration Protocol

Introduction and general rules to hydration

Water in the key element on our planet. Is an universal solvent and it inside each of us in a average proportion of 50-70%. We need to understand an important lesson. DRINKING WATER, DOES NOT NECESSARY HYDRATE YOU!

The quality and the quantity of the water is equally important to maintain the processes inside your body, and for that you need knowledge.

A human adult body needs an amount of 2-2.5 liter of non-carbonated water (these quantity varies pending of the quality of water, the mass and age of the person, location and other factors; it is just an average estimation per individual.

Please inform yourself on the subject.


In nutrition, there are many hindrances to the body’s health. In brief, to be healthy means to function. In the human body, like in nature, the only things that circulate are the fluids. They are the essence of life and they carry nourishing substances, while they help eliminate dejections or toxins. When energy stagnates, it reeks. The same rules applies to any fluid (water, plasma, blood, lymph, air)

All the 3 main barriers relate to water. Let me explain this

  1. First barrier is the intestinal barrier. The gut must be cleansed and the nutrients must transfer in blood. Intestines are cleansed with Water and (non-iodised) Salt and Fibres. Whatever goes beyond the intestinal barrier does not escape the liver barrier
  2. The second barrier is the liver and kidney barrier. The liver filtrates and transforms any substance that is not useful or beneficial to cell assimilation. Liver requires a lot of water in order to maintain a constant clean condition. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the liver is represented by the element Wood that is nourished with water. For growth and health, Wood requires water. Whatever goes beyond the liver barrier stops at the cell barrier or Cell Membrane
  3. The third barrier is the cell membrane which is a universe in itself. Outer cell, intra-membrane receptors, as well as receptors within the cell know exactly what lies at the margins and what can enter or cannot enter the cell.
  • If the membrane is not hydrated, permeable and malleable, nutrients will not enter the cell and toxins will not exit it.
  • The membrane requires healthy fats (Omega 3, 6, 9 oils, Sterols, MSM etc.) in order to maintain its malleability

Water is important to the cleanness of these barriers and to the fulfilment of life’s basic functions:

SUSTENANCE – Nutrition


MULTIPLICATION – Cell reproduction or replication

A very useful shorcut to Hydration is using a mix of water and Microhydrin capsule (or it’s more concentrated version called H-500)  dissolved in one liter of water. H-500 contains a huge amount of negative ionized Hydrogen (Anti-oxidant). A single capsule dissolved in a glass of water equals 10,000 glasses of orange juice, if we count the negative ions or antioxidants. Olso, the Water treated in this way is alkaline.

Remember that Hydrogen ions are oxidized by light; therefore it is recommended that the containers are in dark colors or that the treated water is ingested quickly.

Water is then treated with Hydracell, which “softens the water”, in order to increase the permeability of the cell walls. Hydracell treated water enters the cell; you don’t just drink it and then eliminate it by urination.

The first sign that you begin to hydrate at cell level is that you stop eliminating the entire amount of water you drink.





1.1 Intensive simple hydration (Duration 14 days)

IN THE MORNING: Microhydrin H-500 + Hydracell

  • Morning water treatment: 500 ml water + 1 capsule of Microhydrin or H500 + 16 drops of Hydracell solution

Break open a capsule of MICROHYDRIN H-500 and pour the powder in half a litre of non-carbonated water in a (preferably non-plastic or non-metal) mug/bottle. Microhydrin will dissolve alone, there is no need to mix it with a teaspoon.

The water should be ingested after the oral hygiene routine (brushing teeth, tongue cleaning with a teaspoon)

  • Water absorption. Immediately after drinking the microhydrin treated water, we recommend a 10 to 15-minute rest, in order to allow the body to absorb the water completely.
  • Effects: drinking microhydrin in the morning provides the body with the first intense hydration of the day, upon awakening, after the night sleep, when the body dehydrates, while Hydracell decreases the superficial tension of water, facilitating its absorption in the cell
  • Recommendations: It is recommended that the drinking of a Microhydrin capsule each day, upon waking up, becomes a routine.
  • Caution:
    • Do not use a metal/stainless steel teaspoon to dissolve microhydrin in the mug of water! If you want to, you can use a wood/ceramic teaspoon.
    • If you do not have Hydracell, use Microhydrin alone
    • The ideal combination is Microhydrin + Hydracell + Coral Mine; Use at least the basic formula! (For further information, please see the material “Water as a Key to Healing” and the leaflet on H-500 from Coral Club)

DURING THE DAY: Microhydrin H500 + Hydracell + Coral Mine

  • Water treatment during the day: 1.5 litres
    • Option 1: In one and a half litres of non-carbonated water, pour a sachet of Coral Mine and a capsule of Microhydrin H-500 + 48 drops of Hydracell
    • Option 2: Another option is to drink one sachet of Coral Mine in one litre of non-carbonated water and afterwards add water again and one capsule of microhydrin in the same 1-litre bottle (the Coral Mine sachet will not be removed from the bottle).
    • These 2 options are recommended in the first 2 weeks of hydration, in order to enable a very good absorption of the minerals contained by the sachets, as well as a very intense hydration of the body.
    • After either of the above amounts (option 1 or option 2) is ingested, you can drink in one litre of water either a sachet of Coral Mine or a capsule of Microhydrin.
    • If you have them, you can drink HydraCel drops (8 drops per mug of water), which also improve the quality of the water, making it alkaline and acting as an anti-oxidant for the body.
  • Effects: the daily ingestion of 2 and a half litres of pure, alkaline water results in an improvement of blood and cell quality, better digestion and breathing, and, on the long term, the reinforcement of the immune system, the intense hydration of cells, the maintenance of elevated vigour and a particularly good state of mind.
  • Recommendations:
    • Do not use plastic bottles available on the market, unless they are PVC-free. It is preferable that you use glass bottles. Unless you have a glass or PVC-free plastic bottle, you can treat the water in a jar and pour the required amount of water in a glass or in a mug during the day.
    • You can buy NALGENE bottles from the sports items store Himalaya http://www.himalaya.ro/ro/produse/categoria–hidratare-63
    • We recommend you drink the water 30 minutes before meals and 1 hour after meals. The reason is given by the fact that, if you drink the water during or immediately after the meals, digestion cannot occur completely, the digestive fire dies and the ingested food partly turns into toxins or partially digested elements. This happens because there is not sufficient time to allow the processing of the food, their transformation in nutritious substances which could later be assimilated by the body. Water before meals will be used particularly for the digestive and filtering process, this is why it is vital you drink before the meal; this way, the body will be ready for the ingestion of food.
    • The temperature of the water should be the room temperature. Do not drink cold water from the refrigerator.
    • Do not warm the water in the microwave oven and do not use at all this device
    • The water will be treated and ingested in the corresponding day; water treated one day earlier will not be consumed, because it no longer retains its properties.
    • The bottle from which the water is ingested will be washed each day before use.


Throughout the hydration, please try to avoid, as much as possible, or to use less frequently/in smaller amounts, the following food items/products:

  • Sugar,
  • Iodised salt
  • Meat (fish is recommended J)
  • Soya
  • Energy boosters (coffee, black tea, green tea)
  • Alcohol
  • Any types of food additives

Furthermore, it is recommended that after 7 o’clock in the evening food is no longer ingested, in order to allow the body to enter a state of rest. Eating food in the evening determines the body to reactivate its digestive functions, a process which, nonetheless, is interrupted when we fall asleep; this means that the food will not be digested completely. Undigested food will turn into toxins.

Microwave oven heating is not recommended, because food will lose its properties and the effects of the microwaves on the body are not beneficial: weakening of the immune system, blood thickening etc.

Continue with water:

  • 500ml water + Microhydrin H500 + Hydracell in the morning,
  • and during the day a sachet of Coral Mine or one capsule of microhydrin in one litre/one litre and a half of non-carbonated water
  • Add HydraCel drops in the water further ingested (8 drops per 250ml water)



These products are available at Coral Club Internatational:


Orders can be placed:

  • On the website (www.coralorder.com) by using the client code used above and the password
  • By phone at 0314107115 (delivery by courier)
  • Directly at the company office: Str. Vrancea no. 5Bucharest, Romania (1 mai Subway Station – at Chibrit Square)


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