Shamanic Medicine

What is traditional medicine?

Shamanic medicine means harmony or alignment, word that brings a lot of auxiliary explanations that require clarification to leave no room for confusion. However, many opinions will oppose and others will rise to challenge the simplicity of this type of medicine which is essentially an art.

Any form of art is a vision and to be understood is the need to relate to it, you need to align yourself with it, to come in on the frequency with which it was launched in the Universe. Alignment with shamanic medicine is an individual process that is guided from inside and outside. Combining the factors that may cause alignment and thus bringing the being in harmony with the environment, will lead to healing, whether it be a physical healing, emotional or mental.

Medicine shamanic is a form of reconnection to yourself, by bring you to the point of finding yourself and finding peace and clarity within you, you do not need anyone to heal yourself further, or to maintain health over a long period of time.

My role is to guide (shackry), not to heal. Healing always occurs by itself at the individual level. The body heals itself (physical, energetic, emotional, mental, etc.). It is how it was and always will be. The key is to give yourself the elements that you need to heal, and catalysts to produce realignment, thus the default healing. Everyone is able to heal itself, but we need to understand what led oneself to chaos (disease), and that means you need to go to the root or the cause.

The contact with shamanic medicine is often an unpleasant experience, because overturns premises that led to a state of imbalance and disease. We are accustomed to remain comfortable, and this type of medicine is about something else. Shamanic medicine is about truth and accepting painful truths that will lead us to understanding the causes, the occurrence of awareness (Katharsis) and then to the realignment or healing.

This type of medicine teaches us what it means to do what we need to keep our health. To be in harmony with yourself, or be in alignment with purpose and you have to do here on this planet, is all that’s needed to be learned as individuals and as a species. The key is love.

Whatever paths you choose, the destination is the same. The road itself is THE EXPERIENCE, so, we may have a great experience, a story full of happenings and teachings, or we can have an hard experience and full of pain. The choice belongs to each and every one of us.

bralgei shackry

The body heals itself. We are here to help.