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bralgei shackry – ”Guide”

Find your own path and you will find your freedom. This is my gift, to guide seekers into finding the path. The purpose is finding freedom, but is takes a lot of knowledge to understand freedom in the right way and to apply yourself in accordance to this feeling. It may take you a life time to get this. The shamanic ways have the purpose to help people rediscover their true self, not to set a predefined path to fallow as such. Once the connection with the higher self is established, each one can decide what to follow based on the indications of the heart, that comes from within.

Shackry means “Guide” or “The paths seer”. I have received this name from a shaman and his group that left this world, leaving me the name and an inheritance of knowledge and responsibility. I have been training myself and worked with people for more than 20 years, yet, every day is a new experience, a new opportunity to learn something or to guide someone.

I practice Traditional medicine, or shamanic medicine. This kind of medicine sees the human as a whole, as a system in symbiosis with its heart, in contact with nature and environment, that is why it is called Holistic Medicine. According with this principle, any “illnesses” is nothing but an energy imbalance within each individual. The role of the shaman or healer is to bring order and balance in the living construct. The methods for such a huge endeavor varies from case to case. That is why I have studied for many years and with many initiates various allopath and alternative techniques in order to bring physical, emotional, mental balance to people, from the level of the hole body to the level of cell.

The present medicine as I see it, is a complete medicine, that merge allopath western medicine with quantum mechanics and quantum physics, vibrational medicine, energy practices, and other forms of therapies. The complete medicine is the traditional medicine that evolved from plants, minerals moving thorough alchemy, herbology, homeopathy and pharmacology, reaching the modern frontiers of quantum physics and torsionic energy (vortex energy). We have evolved and advanced as a species. Personally I evolve and I am keeping the pace with the frontier science and in the same time I hold alive the inheritance I received from the initiates elders.

From my young childhood I have discovered the natural ability to see and unblock the obstacles that prevent people from healing. At the age of 12 I started to study Chinese traditional medicine and Indian traditional medicine. Around the age of 14 years old I had an epiphany. As I was reading some old Chinese materials of internal alchemy I understood one of the first key – prevention. They were making fun of western civilization saying that “They start to dig their water well when they get thirsty“. I was so shocked by the truth of that metaphor, that everything changed from that day on. I have become vegetarian and started to study nutrition and human body.

I understood that prevention is the key for health and ageing. Cellular nutrition and the management of thoughts and emotions is the key to long healthy life.

The experience of the last 20 years gives me the possibility to share my experience with others, and to guide them toward the answers they that seeks, that are already inside them.

I took a path with my heart and journey proved me that “Knowing the Path and walking the Path, is not the same thing!”


bralgei shackry

Everything is relative, everything is in constant change, it is evolving!