About Bralgei

Find your own path and you will find your freedom. This is my gift, to guide seekers into finding the path. The purpose is finding freedom, but is takes a lot of knowledge to understand freedom in the right way and to apply yourself in accordance to this feeling. It may take you a life time to get this.

Once upon a time…


Traditional Medicine

…means harmony or alignment, word that brings a lot of auxiliary explanations that require clarification to leave no room for confusion. However, many opinions will oppose and others will rise to challenge the simplicity of this type of medicine which is essentially an art.

Zero Point Meditation

Meditation is not a technique in itself, but a state that achived through certain preparatory steps. Zero point meditation is one of these techniques. Many “meditation” techniques does not induce executioners in the state of mental void, so they are not meditation techniques; These techniques are just relaxation techniques.